Are you bored with the intense gameplay and visually-demanding titles that have taken so much of your time? Looking for a simple gameplay like Stardew Valley but boasts a variety of different changes in the way you approached? For those of you who’re interested in the city builder gameplay and would like to have their own city inside their phones, our amazing gameplay of Pocket City would certainly be able to satisfy you.

Codebrew Games
31.8 MB
MOD Features
Paid for free

That’s said, the game introduces Android gamers to their own “city” with many untouched lands and hidden potentials for you to discover. Build on the very foundation of your city a variety of different buildings, houses, businesses, attractions, communal constructions, and so on. Have people start coming to your city to live and guide them to a bright future.

For those of you who’re interested, you’ll also find the game being extremely dynamic and fun, each time you return to it. Having said that, you can find the people, vehicles, animals, and animated buildings extra realistic. It’s like each of them does have their own life and spirit. Watch them as they slowly becoming alive and stay with them through a series of interesting events