For those who’re interested in being the heroes and save the world from evil monsters, Shop Titans Design & Trade is a great game for you. However, it’s not the traditional hero game which you’re too familiar with, in fact, in this game, you’ll have little fighting as all you do is crafting weapons and equipment for the other heroes. But that doesn’t mean that you’re not important.

Kabam Games, Inc.
68.94 MB
MOD Features
– Much Money
– Lots of coins and stones

On the contrary, you’re probably the most important character in the game. With your ability to craft items, you’ll be extremely valuable to your allies. Start with your humble shop and keep improving over time. Sooner or later, you’ll become the world greatest crafting mogul.

The game starts with you being the new crafter in town. With nothing but your useful knowledge, you’ll have to build your own shop. Slowly but steady, you must turn it into the greatest shop in the whole region. Cooperate with the surrounding blacksmiths, tailors, priestesses, carpenters, and herbalists on your village, you will need to build up a wealthy crafting empire.

Support the heroes who’re defending your village and make a fortune by selling them high-quality goods. Hire the heroes to gather resources for you and return them by completing their orders. Let’s create a strong community so that the people can have a safe place to live.

As you begin your journey in Shop Titans Design & Trade, you’re allowed to customize your characters with many adjustable features. You can choose between different hairstyles, nose shapes, skin tones, eyes types, and so on. Make sure you spend time on it to make your character stand out from the others. In addition, you’re also allowed to make changes to the characters’ clothing, accessories, and so on.