It’s a good day to save a life as you learn to become a great operator in Surgeon Simulation. By making uses of your medical knowledge, you’ll then perform successful operations on your patients. Follow the instructions and do everything with great precisions to make sure your patients are saved. But don’t be pressured since it’s only a simulation and would be a better game to learn rather than competitive gameplay.

Bossa Studios Ltd
4.0 and up
16.5 MB + 217.5 MB
MOD Features
Paid for free

Feel free to choose between hundreds of different available operating equipment. Learn the important information from your iZac. Purchase upgrades and items to assist you with your work. And let’s get to work, the patients are waiting for your help.

In addition, with all the available equipment to study and practice your skills, you can be good at operating in no time. Find yourself taking on the toughest cases with life and end situations. Learn the calm and composure of a great operator and successful bring the patient back to life.

There’ll be plenty of different challenges and achievements with varied difficulties for you to dive into. Keep learning and practicing with all the realistic simulations and accurate information provided in the game to become a great doctor one day.