Are you a fan of the famous Journeys: Interactive Series? Looking for yet another great interactive journey with your new characters, new stories, and refreshing experiences? Love to have fun with the interesting stories, in which you can shape your own paths? Well, then you would certainly find this new game from The Other Guys being an absolute blast.

The Other Guys
95 MB
MOD Features

That’s said, here in ZOE Interactive Story, you can find yourself having access to the new and interesting adventure with a whole new cast of characters as you join them in the latest stories from the Interactive series. Have fun as you explore and experience the exciting and enjoyable gameplay of simulation as you dive into the awesome adventures.

However, as always, the dramas and tensions begin when she discovered that she’s actually a witch and must learn to live with her new-found powers. And at the same time, her love life starts to get quite complicated as she found herself in a romantic relationship with a stunning boy who turned out to be a werewolf, and the famous jock who’s also the caption of the schools’ football team.

The romances even get more complicated as you progress in the game and get involved with a whole new cast of characters. Many interesting scenarios, captivating stories, interesting choices, and more, all these unique and interesting elements would certainly make your game a lot more enjoyable. Watch how the game evolves as you become a part of it by making your preferred decisions, go for different paths, and experience multiple endings.