Are your getting a little bit overweight lately? Looking for a good way to get rid of those extra pounds on your belly, but can’t seem to find the motivations? Or you’re just interested in helping others to lose their weights and get fit? All that you ever wanted will be available in this new release of the awesome mobile game series Fit the Fat.

Five Bits, Inc.
49.1 MB
MOD Features
Unlimited Energy

Join our overweight friend in this second installment of the famous mobile game as you dive into your ultimate weight loss adventures. Enjoy the game in a variety of different available activities as you guide him through multiple workout exercises and help him to unlock incredible in-game experiences. Discover the simple yet extremely addictive gameplay in Fit the Fat 2 as you take on the amazing sports experiences.

In the game, you’ll be guiding your friends through a variety of different in-game activities, in which, gamers can get involved in multiple pieces of training with their fat friends. Start by taking him to the Gym every day so that he can begin his workouts and do his body some good exercises. Get involved in each of them as you enjoy playing through multiple mini-games.

And after the training, your friend will also need your help in managing his daily lives. Start by taking care of his empty stomach after the taxing exercises. Purchase good foods from the money that you’ve earned through helping him workout, and fill that empty stomach whenever he needs. And at the same time, make sure you give your friend enough sleep every day to recover his depleted stamina. Get a good sleep as you prepare for the following days with more intense workouts.