The world’s most famous manga and anime series is coming to the Android platform. This time, you can enjoy playing as Eren, Mikasa, Levi, and many of your favorites from the series Attack on Titan in this amazing tactical game of Attack on Titan TACTICS. Find out more about this incredible Android game with our reviews.

DeNA Co Ltd
5.0 and up
67.18 MB
MOD Features
– Freeze Enemies
– Yes make sure patch Luckypatcher to able install unsigned APK

However, things start to fall apart when the city was attacked by two Titans which seems a little different compared to other normal Titans. They possess human intelligence as well as having better physics and special abilities than others. The first one is extremely huge with a size up to 60 meters and the second one is covered with strong amours.

These two break the city walls and cause the other Titans to start coming into the city. Thus begins a bloody massacre, in which they slowly devour the remaining citizens. As a result, people must withdraw from the outer walls.