The Android platform, or touchscreens in general, has always been a good place to find incredible tower defense games. Due to their unique features, you’ll find tower defense games relatively playable as well as extremely exciting in your Android devices.

Crazy Panda Limited
4.0.3 and up
26.4 MB + 160.3 MB
MOD Features
Unlimited Money

This time, we’re introducing one of the latest tower defense games that you can add to your collections. Evil Defenders provides exciting gameplay and thrilling actions while remaining relatively humorous. Find out about this amazing Android game and why you must play it with our review.

The game takes place in a fictional realm where people are capable of using both magic and scientific inventions in their daily lives. This allows for major advances in technologies as well as promoting their living conditions. However, this didn’t last long as your lands are being invaded by the hateful and greedy enemies who’re trying to plunder your gold, destroy your cities, and enslave your people.

With Evil Defenders, you’ll have access to multiple features as well as game modes which makes the game more and more exciting the longer you play it. To deal with the powerful enemies, you’ll be equipped with powerful towers and spells to fence off their attacks.