Enjoy this brand new game from the famous Supercell studio as you find yourself in an epic gold rush challenge with gamers from all over the world. Here, you can pick up the classic raiding and tower defense gameplay as you dive into the incredible Rush Wars.

6.0 and up
103.2 MB
MOD Features
– Removed country restrictions
– Note: This is private server mod, it is crowded now. If you cannot log in, try more several times.

Build up your bases with multiple defenses to help you protect the precious gold from the enemies, take down the enemies with your powerful units, make uses of dozens of different buffs and boosts to make your army a lot stronger.

In the game, players will join each other in an epic gold rush where you’ll have to compete with one and another for the precious gold mines. Capture as much of them from your opponents as you can to quickly become rich. Protect your golds from the hungry raiders who would try everything within their power to break through your defenses.

At the beginning, players will be given a certain number of available units, each with its own powers and abilities. You’ll then have to make good uses of their unique powers to set up your defenses along with a few powerful contraptions. Make sure that you have enough firepower to protect your precious gold mind from the enemies. Lose it and you’ll lose your entire gold source.

Here you’ll find everything you need to know about this amazing game: