Finally, fans of the world-famous HBO thriller and horror TV series have finally had the chance to enjoy themselves in an authentic zombie apocalypse survival with this latest mobile title from Next Games. Find yourself taking on multiple survival challenges as you build up a precious sanctuary in the no man’s land.

Next Games
55 MB + 285.9 MB
MOD Features
High Damage

Explore the vast world as you keep on fighting for your own survival. Make friends and have new companions. Settle down and start building up your survival camp. Roam the surrounding area to look for collectible goods. Fight against the zombies in exciting battles. There will be plenty of available activities for you to enjoy in The Walking Dead No Mans’ Land.

Get your advice and start building the camp with the initial 3 first characters. Make use of plenty of available constructions in your base and create a safe hideout for the survivors. Recruit more and more people to your camp, expand it, go for scouting and resource-gathering missions, or withstand zombies’ attacks in epic defense battles.

In addition, fans of the famous TV series will also have the chance to play with their favorite characters from the series. Experience unique stories and gameplay with each character. And most importantly, you’ll also have access to the exclusive content from the 10th season of the series.